The first Australia Murray Made, Wednesday 6th July.

If lockdown during Covid felt harsh in the UK, Australia was draconian with no movement between States and Melbourne extremely stringent. Australia Murray was only able to meet in August 2022, the previous meeting having been December 2019. Therefore, good to be able welcome our first Australia Murray member to be Made since the opening of that Club. Glenn Malloch made a detour from visiting family in Scotland to visit Londonderry, and the Parent Club arranged a special Initiation to welcome him to the Murray Club and to the Association.

Pictured here, centre, with the Andy Berryman (Australia Murray, back for now, living in Lisburn) and the Governor, Graeme Stenhouse, to his left, and Murray President, Gordon McMorris, and Robin Smyth, Australia Murray (also visiting, at home in Claudy).