Australia Murray man Derry Made

A fourth member of Murray Australia was Made in 2023 at the regular meeting of the Parent Club in October. It has been very encouraging to see the steady flow of Members from Australia taking the opportunity to be Made while visiting in Northern Ireland or making the trip especially. Joseph Lynd, from Cairns, was visiting family in Northern Ireland and it was great to be able to show him around and to be part of his Initiation.


Annual visit to the Graves of Col. Mitchelburne and Col. Murray.

The Murray Club joined with the Mitchelburne Club for the Annual Visit to the Graves of Col. Mitchelburne and Col. Adam Murray on 17th September. This was the first time the two Clubs were able to join in the Visit to the Graves since 2019. The President, Gordon McMorris laid at wreath at the Grave of Col. Adam Murray. Members of the Parent Club were joined at the event by members from Ballywillan Murray and Donemana Murray.

The Annual Visit to the Grave of Murray took place in September.

Due to the period of mourning for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth this was not the usual joint event with the Mitchelburne Club, with each Club attending separately for a simple wreath laying, rather than the usual short Service prior to a Parade to the Memorial Hall for initiations. A few Parent Club members attended our annual visit to the Murray Grave, with President, Gordon McMorris, laying the wreath and the Chaplain, David Austin, saying a short prayer.

Fine Art Print for 175th Anniversary

It has taken some months to get to this point. Finally, the painting of St Columb’s Cathedral, the Siege Heroes Mound and historic Walls of Londonderry, is complete.

This beautiful painting by artist Brian John Spencer has been scanned, and printed on Baryta Fine Art Giclée paper *.

Each print is uniquely numbered and signed by the artist.

The prints are now on sale. Members of any Branch Club should contact their Club Secretaries to enquire on price at a Members’ rate – Branch Club Secretaries to contact the Murray Parent Club Secretary as per Report Book.

There are three sizes available.

The prints are also available to the public. Contact using our Contact page for more information, or by post to the address on the contact page (post is collected from that address every week or so).

On general sale, prices (not including P&P) are:

A4 – £15.00

A3 – £25.00

A2 – £40.00

The prints are a very fine addition to any wall, framed by a professional framer or simply in an off-the-shelf frame.

Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta is a bright white cellulose based fine art paper with a coating specially tailored for FineArt use. The clearly visible felt structure lends the paper a tactile surface structure to produce prints with a three dimensional quality. The barium sulphate within the coating gives the FineArt Baryta the feel of a traditional analogue baryta print, creating stunning contrasts, deep blacks and perfect reproduction of colour. The paper is acid and lignum free making it extremely age resistant.

Initiation Weekend returns

2021 saw a return to the Initiation Weekend, 18/19 September, which did not take place in 2020 due to Covid restrictions on holding meetings.

It was good to return to the Memorial Hall, with a Parade of Murray with the Mitchelburne Club on the Saturday morning. We were able to welcome Murray members from Upperlands, Crumlin, Belfast and Thames & Avon. In total, nine new Members were made into the Apprentice Boys Association. Thanks to the Governor of the Association, Graham Stenhouse, for officiating at the Initiations.

On Sunday, again with the Mitchelburne Club, we paraded from `Glendermott Presbyterian Church to the Old Glendermott Graveyard to Visit the Graves of the Siege Heroes, Col. Adam Murray and Col. John Mitchelburne. The Hamilton Flute Band led the Parade, and played at the short Service conducted by Rev. Nigel Cairns.

The first congregation of Glendermott Presbyterian Church was established in 1654 with the Church being build some few years after the Siege in 1696. Extensions and renovations in 1938 did not alter the Church’s layout, reflecting the original Scottish form of the congregational seating to the front and to the left and right of the pulpit.

The connection with Col. Adam Murray is strong. He was a member of the Congregation of Glendermott. To the left of the pulpit there is a brass tablet framed in oak, commemorating the efforts of the Rev. James Gordon who would have been the Minister known to Murray, and to Murray himself.

The 332nd Annual Commemoration of the Relief of Derry

The 332nd Commemoration of the Relief of Derry took place on the 14th August 2021. While more than the 30 who took part in August 2020 due to Covid regulations, the Association continued to be cautious and reduced the main Parade in Londonderry to the General Committee and eight Parent Clubs. The colour and spectacle of thousands of Apprentice Boys with banners and bands on the main Parade wasn’t to be.

There is a gallery of images for the 2021 Commemoration of the Relief of Derry, from our Galleries PageUnable to host the Service of Thanksgiving for the Relief of Derry on the day of the Apprentice Boys Commemorations, a Service was held on the evening of the 12th August led by the Dean of St Columb’s Cathedral.

As is tradition the heralding the main Commemorative events, the firing of a cannon one and three times for the Brave 13, took place at midnight in the 13th August.

This was followed by members of the Murray Club symbolically touching the four gates of the City Walls, closed to the armies of King James.

The morning’s Commemorations started as they would any other year, with General Committee and the eight Parent Clubs walking the Walls.

Having held an Act of Remembrance at the Cenotaph the parade returned to the Memorial Hall, from where the main Parade undertook the traditional route of the full Association.

Returning back to the Memorial Hall later in the afternoon. The flags that had been erected earlier that morning on Walker’s Plinth were taken down, and the day ended with the close of General Committee which had been opened before the day commenced.

Meanwhile around the country, Murray Clubs participated in local parades in local towns, keeping alive the memory of the Brave 13.

Bryansford & District Murray started the day by sharing a message on social media:

In the evening Bryansford joined other Clubs of Apprentice Boys in Rathfriland:


Ballywillan Murray joined others in Coleraine for a Commemoration Parade:

In Aghadowey, the Murray Club started the day with a short Service of Remembrance at the local Cenotaph:

Aghadowey Murray then joined other Clubs from the Coleraine area, in Coleraine, for the afternoon:

In Newtownstewart the local Murray Club started the day with an Act of Remembrance at the local Memorial, followed by a Parade and then a Family Fun Day:

Joining Newtownstewart Murray were Clubs from Plumbridge, Sion Mills, Raphoe, Castlederg, Ardstraw, and Cappagh. Bands accompanying were Newtownstewart’s Red Hand Defenders, Eden Flute Band, Castlederg Young Loyalists Old boys, and Donemana Sons of William.

Finally, Upperlands Murray Club held an Act of Remembrance at the local Memorial, before parading though Upperlands and on to Maghera to join other Clubs to Commemorate the 332nd Relief of Derry:



The Murray Club has Clubs in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Canada and Australia. This website explains the importance of Col. Adam Murray and why our Club is named after this particular hero of the Siege. If you would like to know more about the Club please use our contact page.

Visit to Graves – Remembering Murray the Siege Hero

Each year the Murray and Mitchelburne Clubs lay a wreath on the graves of Col. Adam Murray and Col. Mitchelburne respectively. The annual visit to Old Glendermott Cemetery took place on Saturday 19th September.

As with so much in 2020, in the context of COVID19 restrictions, the visit was scaled down with just a number of Officers from each Club attending.  For the Murray Club, joining the President, Bro. Gordon McMorris, were Bro. Edgar Laird, Vice President, Bro. David Austin, Chaplain, Bro. David Hoey, Secretary and Bro. John Goligher, Treasurer.

Bro. David Austin, Chaplain of the Murray Club, opened the short ceremony with prayer.

Once the wreaths were laid, and the Salute made, he closed proceedings with prayer.

Though few of us in number, the traditions that define our Association were again maintained and honoured. We hope and pray that in 2021 we will be able to return to a full Service at the Graves to honour the heroes.

In lieu of the usual collection following a service at the graves, the two Clubs will donate £50 to the Benevolent Fund.