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Easter Monday 2024, Enniskillen

Easter Monday in Enniskillen was an outstanding day for the Association. Organised excellently by the South West Amalgamated Committee the parade ran smoothly. The weather was kind. Media reports noted the number of young members on parade.

335th Anniversary of the Shutting of the Gates

Australia Murray had recalled the 335th Annual Commemoration of the Shutting of the Gates earlier in the day, in Adelaide, which included the installation of a new Officer team. All the very best to the Club as it continues to establish itself, consolidating and growing, keeping alive the memory of the Brave 13 on the far side of the world.

There was a huge turnout of Apprentice Boys for the Annual Commemoration In Londonderry, reflecting a year of outstanding growth for the Association across all Clubs.

The Service of Thanksgiving in St. Columb’s Cathedral was packed, and with many standing at the back.  A wreath was laid on the Siege Heroes Mound. The day ended with the burning of Lundy, with the Mitchelburne Club have the honour to keep the traditions of the Association for this year. News & Updates.

334th Annual Relief of Derry Commemorations

The Relief of Derry Commemorations on the 12th August was an exceptional day with an impressive turnout from Members.

The celebration of the 334th Anniversary of the Relief of Londonderry started on the other side of the world with the meeting of Australia Murray in Sydney, New South Wales, a little earlier this year, 29th July, with some travelling to be with us in Northern Ireland.

The newly Made were able to enjoy the main Commemorations on Saturday 12th. Ballinran Flute Band lead General Committee, while once again we had the Robert Graham Memorial Flute Band, from Crawfordsburn in its 50thAnniversary Year, lead the Murray Parent Club. News & Updates.

334th Annual Shutting of the Gates.

The 334th Annual Commemoration of the Shutting of the Gates returned to the full-scale event that it was pre-Covid. No hesitation in attendance, and a huge turnout of Apprentice Boys. We were back to being able to attend the Service of Thanksgiving in St. Columb’s Cathedral.


Parades, a packed Church Service, laying a wreath at Siege Heroes Mound, and the inevitable burning of Lundy, all combined to end a memorable year for the Murray Club and the Associated Clubs of the Apprentice Boys of Derry. There was also a television crew recording for an episode of the ‘Long and Short of it’: well-known faces at the Shutting of the Gates, and to appear on TV sometime this coming year. News & Updates.

333rd Annual Relief of Derry Commemorations.

The big day was a sunny joyous event which saw huge numbers of Apprentice Boys travel to the Maiden City and crowds enjoying the warm weather and the colour and sounds of one of the largest parades over this summer in Northern Ireland.

The Murray Parent Club would like to express appreciation to the Robert Graham Memorial Flute Band for ably leading us for the day, on the Walls in the morning through to the return to the Memorial Hall in the evening. News & Updates

The 332nd Annual Relief of Derry Commemorations

The 332nd Commemoration of the Relief of Derry took place on the 14th August 2021. While more than the 30 who took part in August 2020 due to Covid regulations, the Association continued to be cautious and reduced the main Parade in Londonderry to the General Committee and eight Parent Clubs. The colour and spectacle of thousands of Apprentice Boys with banners and bands on the main Parade wasn’t to be. The gallery is accessed by the link on the title, and a slightly longer post adding some video is available on News & Updates.

The 332nd Annual Shutting of the Gates Commemoration

The 332nd Annual Commemorations of the Shutting of the Gates took place with even greater restrictions on organised events in the context of the on-going Covid-19 outbreaks. The Murray Club, in turn on custom rotation among the eight Parent Clubs, has responsibilities for the traditions of commemoration in this year (December and August). The events maintained the traditions, albeit reduced from the thousands participating a smaller number. The gallery is accessed by the link on the title, and a slightly longer post adding some video is available on News & Updates.

The 331st Annual Relief of Derry Commemoration

The 331st Annual Commemorations in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 was like no other, and hopefully will be the last of its kind for many years to come. This Gallery follows the way in which the Apprentice Boys of Derry adapted in the circumstances. The President, Bro. Gordon McMorris, and Treasurer, Bro. John Goligher, represented the Murray Club as the two representatives to join with Officers of General Committee and other Parent Clubs to take part in a respectful, albeit very much smaller, commemoration.

The opening of a Murray Club in Australia, June 2019:

An historic first for the Murray Club with the first branch Club of Apprentice Boys on the continent of Australia. This Gallery records the day in Burwood, and a visit to the ANZAC Memorial in Sydney.

The 324th Annual Commemoration of the Shutting of the Gates:

The Murray Club take on the responsibility of the Apprentice Boys’ traditions every eighth year for the Shutting of the Gates and the Relief of Derry Commemorations. This Gallery is from 2012, and the next Commemoration for the Murray Club is December 2020.