335th Annual Commemoration of the Shutting of the Gates

On the evening before the Commemoration the regular meeting of the Parent Club included the Initiation of twenty-four candidates, including nine to be the core of the proposed Club in Corby, six from our oldest Club, Partick and others from Donemana, Newtownstewart, Manorcunningham and Greenock. It was a tremendous end to a year of exceptional numbers being Derry Made into the Murray Club.

Australia Murray had recalled the 335th Annual Commemoration of the Shutting of the Gates earlier in the day, in Adelaide, which included the installation of a new Officer team. All the very best to the Club as it continues to establish itself, consolidating and growing, keeping alive the memory of the Brave 13 on the far side of the world.

There was a huge turnout of Apprentice Boys for the Annual Commemoration In Londonderry, reflecting a year of outstanding growth for the Association across all Clubs.

The Service of Thanksgiving in St. Columb’s Cathedral was packed, and with many standing at the back.  A wreath was laid on the Siege Heroes Mound. The day ended with the burning of Lundy, with the Mitchelburne Club have the honour to keep the traditions of the Association for this year.

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Australia Murray man Derry Made

A fourth member of Murray Australia was Made in 2023 at the regular meeting of the Parent Club in October. It has been very encouraging to see the steady flow of Members from Australia taking the opportunity to be Made while visiting in Northern Ireland or making the trip especially. Joseph Lynd, from Cairns, was visiting family in Northern Ireland and it was great to be able to show him around and to be part of his Initiation.


334th Anniversary of the Relief of Derry

The Relief of Derry Commemorations on the 12th August was an exceptional day with an impressive turnout from Members.

The celebration of the 334th Anniversary of the Relief of Londonderry started on the other side of the world with the meeting of Australia Murray in Sydney, New South Wales, a little earlier this year, 29th July, with some travelling to be with us in Northern Ireland. At the special initiation meeting on the Friday evening before the big day, we had one Member made from Australia, accompanied by two Australian Brothers. Luke Williams was one of a dozen who were Derry Made that evening.

The newly Made were able to enjoy the main Commemorations on Saturday 12th. Ballinran Flute Band lead General Committee, while once again we had the Robert Graham Memorial Flute Band, from Crawfordsburn in its 50thAnniversary Year, lead the Murray Parent Club.

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Special Initiation meeting in July.

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome Members of Toronto Murray to the Memorial Hall on Friday 14th July, and an added delight to be able to host a special initiation meeting to have three candidates Derry Made. We were also able to facilitate two Australia Murray candidates who were also in Northern Ireland at this time. Congratulations to all five.

It wasn’t the best weather on the day and the tour of the Walls prior to the meeting was a little damp. It didn’t stop a number of the Toronto Murray taking time to look across historic Londonderry from the top of the Memorial Hall tower.

It wasn’t the best weather on the day and the tour of the Walls was a little damp. It didn’t stop a number of the Toronto Murray taking time to look across historic Londonderry from the top of the Memorial Hall tower.

Annual Initiation Day 2023

A big change in 2023 with the Murray Club joining with the Apprentice Boys of Derry Parent Club and the Baker Parent Club for a joint initiation Day on the last Saturday of May.

It was a worthwhile change, evident from the very large numbers walking from Bond Street to the Memorial Hall. There were so many candidates for Initiation there had to be two meetings, one for the much larger ABOD Club and another jointly for the Baker and Murray Clubs. On the day around eighty were Made across all the Clubs, nineteen for the Murray. Tremendous turnout and a positive indication of a significant bounce back after Covid.

Partick Murray is 120 Years young.

Congratulations to Partick Murray Club which celebrates its 120th Anniversary in 2023, the oldest Branch Club in Scotland.

Murray Parent Club President, Gordon McMorris, and the Parent Club Secretary joined Partick Murray’s 120th Anniversary Parade on Saturday 14th January. There was an impressive turnout of Partick Members and other visiting brethren on a cold, sometimes sunny, sometimes wet and often windy, winter afternoon. The Heirs of Cromwell Flute Band was excellent.

Following the parade there was a warm welcome of soup and sandwiches at Crawford Street Hall, and an afternoon of entertainment.

During the afternoon there were a series of presentations. Forty Year Service Jewels were presented to Bros. Jim Mahoney and Andrew Platt (Treasurer), and Thirteen Year Service Jewels to Past President, Bro. Stevie Bryceland, and current President, Bro. Brian Hood.

There were four Members Derry Made on the evening before the Shutting of the Gates in December 2022 who were presented with their Certificates: (left to right) Bros. Michael Holmes, Neil Robbie Robertson, George Bell, Robert Jamieson. Finally, Bro Eric Latham received a Past President Certificate from his successor Bro. Hood.

Terrific start to any year.

Partick Murray keeps the Crimson strong in Glasgow and shows every sign of maintaining a strength of presence for many years ahead.

The first Australia Murray Made, Wednesday 6th July.

If lockdown during Covid felt harsh in the UK, Australia was draconian with no movement between States and Melbourne extremely stringent. Australia Murray was only able to meet in August 2022, the previous meeting having been December 2019. Therefore, good to be able welcome our first Australia Murray member to be Made since the opening of that Club. Glenn Malloch made a detour from visiting family in Scotland to visit Londonderry, and the Parent Club arranged a special Initiation to welcome him to the Murray Club and to the Association.

Pictured here, centre, with the Andy Berryman (Australia Murray, back for now, living in Lisburn) and the Governor, Graeme Stenhouse, to his left, and Murray President, Gordon McMorris, and Robin Smyth, Australia Murray (also visiting, at home in Claudy).