Easter Monday in Enniskillen 2024

Easter Monday is the first big day in the calendar of the Associated Clubs of the Apprentice Boys of Derry. Enniskillen was an outstanding event for the Association. Organised excellently by the South West Amalgamated Committee the parade ran smoothly. The weather was kind. Media reports noted the number of young members on parade.

Partick Murray is 120 Years young.

Congratulations to Partick Murray Club which celebrates its 120th Anniversary in 2023, the oldest Branch Club in Scotland.

Murray Parent Club President, Gordon McMorris, and the Parent Club Secretary joined Partick Murray’s 120th Anniversary Parade on Saturday 14th January. There was an impressive turnout of Partick Members and other visiting brethren on a cold, sometimes sunny, sometimes wet and often windy, winter afternoon. The Heirs of Cromwell Flute Band was excellent.

Following the parade there was a warm welcome of soup and sandwiches at Crawford Street Hall, and an afternoon of entertainment.

During the afternoon there were a series of presentations. Forty Year Service Jewels were presented to Bros. Jim Mahoney and Andrew Platt (Treasurer), and Thirteen Year Service Jewels to Past President, Bro. Stevie Bryceland, and current President, Bro. Brian Hood.

There were four Members Derry Made on the evening before the Shutting of the Gates in December 2022 who were presented with their Certificates: (left to right) Bros. Michael Holmes, Neil Robbie Robertson, George Bell, Robert Jamieson. Finally, Bro Eric Latham received a Past President Certificate from his successor Bro. Hood.

Terrific start to any year.

Partick Murray keeps the Crimson strong in Glasgow and shows every sign of maintaining a strength of presence for many years ahead.

Glasgow Clubs Parade organised by Partick Murray, 20th August.

Glasgow Clubs traditionally parade the weekend following the Londonderry Commemorations. The Murray Club Secretary spent a very enjoyable day with Partick Murray, the organiser for this year’s Parade. Another Parade three years in the making because, you know, Covid. The parade started from the Centre of Glasgow, out to the Crawford Halls in Partick. Excellent parade and a good afternoon with Partick Branch Club. Thanks to Thomas Chalmers, Secretary, for all his work for the day, along with all those who played a part in making the day a success.

333rd Anniversary of the Relief of Londonderry Commemorations

There is now a Gallery of images from the 333rd Relief of Derry Commemorations, which mostly records Murray Parent and Branch Clubs on the day, below. Other images provide further context. The Murray Parent Club would like to express appreciation to the Robert Graham Memorial Flute Band for ably leading us for the day, on the Walls in the morning through to the return to the Memorial Hall in the evening.

Thanks to all those who made the day so enjoyable: Members and bands, and particularly the Marshals, the St John Ambulance who attended quite a few casualties of the heat; and also members of the public who generously offered bottles of water along the way.

The full parade is available via the YouTube Channel.

SAC Parade, Irvine, Saturday 4th June.

The first major parade outside Northern Ireland was the long delayed Scottish Amalgamated Committee ‘May Rally’, which is now held first Saturday in June.

All the Scottish Murray Clubs were in attendance, as well as SAMS Liverpool Murray visiting. Brilliant sunshine made a welcome return to parades for our Scottish brethren. Greenock also laid a wreath at the local Memorial before returning to the Hall for some food and refreshment.

Historic Walls are a picture

Made a visit to the studio of Brian John Spencer to view a painting of St Columb’s Cathedral, the Walls and Siege Heroes Mound which has been commissioned by the Murray Club to commemorate its 175th Anniversary Year.  Brian is a well known Northern Ireland painter and illustrator, working for commercial and private clients. He is also a member of the Murray Parent Club.

This is very much a work in progress.

The plan is have the final work copied as a fine limited edition signed print, 175 in total: there will be 100 as an A4 print (#76-175), 50 as an A3 print (#26-75), and 25 as original A2 size print (#1-25).

Spent some time chatting with Brian about the painting process and the challenges of capturing a wide perspective of this massively historic and important place in Londonderry.

Once the painting is complete and the prints are in production, we’ll let you know. Meantime if anyone wishes to express an interest in purchasing one of these prints, send a message to the Secretary of the Parent Club or use the contact form on this site.

Meanwhile, left Brian in his studio. Painting.


Greenock Murray’s 60th Anniversary

This is Greenock Murray’s 60th Anniversary Year, the Branch being formally approved by General Committee on the 28th April 1962.

There is a dedicated Club page which hopefully over time will expand on its history.

The Officers and Members of the Murray Parent Club thank Greenock Murray for its service to keeping the memory of the Brave 13 in Scotland, and wish Greenock Murray every success in the future.

A great start to 2022

Our Clubs are starting to get back to regular meetings and to rebuild after the recent challenges of the past two years in the shadow of Covid.

It was particularly pleasing to see Bryansford & District bring ten to be Made inside the historic Walls of Londonderry, on Friday 4 March. It is a long journey from the edge of the Mournes to Londonderry and it was great to see so many making the trip on a Friday evening.

Those attending were of all ages, though great so see so many new younger members. Harry Baxter, Secretary of Bryansford & District, was present along with Gordon Wright and Graeme Wright, both Past Presidents and Committee Men of the Club, all with sons being Made on the evening; a proud moment for each as the next generation joins the Apprentice Boys to keep alive the memory of the Brave 13.

Following the initiation and the closing of the Parent Club’s regular meeting the President gave the members a tour of the Memorial Hall.

Congratulations to all those Made, and Looking forward to seeing them back in Londonderry with their Club in August for the 333rd Anniversary of the Relief of Derry.

Royal Visit to the Siege Museum and Memorial Hall

It was an honour for the Siege Museum to host a visit for Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, today 2 November 2021, following which the Trustees of the Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall extended an invitation to the adjacent building.

The tour of the Siege Museum was conducted by the Chairman of the Siege Museum Committee, William Moore BEM, and Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal was welcomed to the Memorial Hall by Ivan Taylor, Chairman of the Trustees of the Memorial Hall.

The Siege Museum tells the story of Londonderry from the Siege of 1688-89 to the present day, and includes the history of the Associated Clubs of the Apprentice boys of Derry and the annual commemorations of Siege events.

Among the most admired items on display are sword carried by the Siege Hero Col. Adam Murray and, from more recent times, there is a silver replica Mountjoy which contained the Freedom of the City of Londonderry for Viscount Montgomery of Alamein

Following the tour of the Museum Her Royal Highness spoke to schools from the area and to representatives of each of the eight Parent Clubs that are the Associated Clubs of the Apprentice Boys of Derry. The Secretary of the Murray, Bro. David Hoey, introduced four of the Clubs to Her Royal Highness, the Baker Club, Campsie Club, Browning Club and the Murray Club (represented on the day by the Secretary, and Chaplain Bro. David Austin), providing a little background on each Club, and reflecting on aspects of the story she may have observed within the Siege Museum. The Princess Royal took time to speak with the representatives of each Club.

Currently on exhibition is the story of Londonderry within the 100 years of Northern Ireland. While in the Memorial Hall, Her Royal Highness unveiled a Centenary Stone which is to be placed permanently in the Museum.


Aghadowey Murray Celebrate 90 Years, and a belated 10th anniversary for Wishaw.

At the end of October Aghadowey Murray celebrated its 90th Anniversary as a Branch Club. A dinner was held at the Royal British Legion in Ballymoney, with the President, Bro. Gordon McMorris, and Secretary, Bro. David Hoey, of the Parent Club in attendance.

On the evening the history of the Club was read by Bro. Raymond McKeeman.

Two fifty year jewels were presented, to Bros. William Doey and Noel Stevenson.


Bros. Doey and Stevenson then ceremonially cut the celebration cake with Bro. McMorris, along with The President of Aghadowey, Bro. Edward Acheson (right) and Vice-President Bro. Richard McMullan.

Entertainment for the evening was by the always excellent Kellswater Flute Band.

The following day the Parent Club Secretary, Bro. Hoey, headed over to Glasgow and the delayed visit to Wishaw Murray Club. The original plan had been to attend in June 2020 for the 10th Anniversary of the founding of the Club. However, COVID. And the trip was postponed to October 2020, to June 2021 and finally realised at the end of October 2021.

The Secretary officiated at the Installation of the Club Officers for the coming year and commended the Officer team for sustaining the Club through difficult times and looking forward to seeing Wishaw Murray continue to grow in the years ahead.

Following the formalities of the day there was an afternoon of harmony, with good company and the good cheer magnified by a couple of sessions from the County Flute Band. Always good to listen to at any time.