Privacy Policy

The Murray Club is one of the eight Parent Clubs that together form the foundation of the Associated Clubs of the Apprentice Boys of Derry. If you have any concerns or queries about personal data (that isn’t covered below) you can email via the contact page on the Murray Club website. In keeping with the Privacy Policy of The Apprentice Boys of Derry, the Murray Club endorses the view that being entrusted with contact information it is purely for the purpose intended (contact and communication) and nothing else. Information shared with The Murray Club is not shared outside The Murray Club without an individual’s specific permission.

Types of data we collect

The only information collected is what anyone provides by email or business card, or an invoice, accounting or legal documentation. The Murray Club doesn’t gather information beyond what is necessary in the normal course of the ordinary business of the Club. Data collected for specific purposes are filed separately from Murray Club general data, each data set to be used purely for the purposes intended. The Murray Club doesn’t collect any other data in the UK, and doesn’t transfer data provided outside of the UK unless with the individual’s permission. Website cookies The Murray Club doesn’t capture data from cookies. Any recorded site statistics are anonymised, and no tracking is undertaken. No personal data is stored in this process.

Emails The Murray Club sends

The Murray Club does not send marketing or direct mail. If you receive an email it will be purely in line with interest expressed from any initial direct contact. If you ever wish to be removed from The Murray Club’s contact list, an email is enough for us to delete all relevant data.

Changes to this policy

The Murray Club may update this policy, but would not anticipate any change to the fundamental belief in privacy, and the principe that personal data is not to be used beyond the purpose for which it was originally provided.   Document first published: 5 October 2018