A remarkable life well lived.

There are many Murray members with stories to tell, though few might match those of Bro. John Mills who sadly passed away at the weekend at the age of 96.  John was a WW2 veteran and was among the first British troops to arrive in Japan after the atomic bombs were dropped, and was proud to tell of being a member of the colour party that raised the Union Flag in Japan.

In 2015 the Belfast Telegraph told his story of being among the first allied soldiers to land in Japan after the surrender.

John was enrolled as a member of the Thames & Avon Murray Club at Oxford on 25th November 1998. That was the day that the Club was relaunched after a period of inactivity. He was ‘Derry Made’ at the Relief Celebrations the following August.  John was originally from Armoy, County Antrim, and he lived in Reading. He had a second home in Larne where he stayed during the summer months and this enabled him to attend the main Loyal Order parades in Northern Ireland. John was a member of all three Loyal Orders.

John was a true gentleman and he will be greatly missed by all who had the privilege to know him. He is to be buried in Armoy. 

A long life well lived.