Meeting, virtually

The Murray Parent Club has been using Zoom to hold Officer meetings while we are unable to meet physically in the Apprentice Boys Memorial Hall. As a Parent Club we decided to host a Murray Clubs’ meeting for Presidents and Secretaries to reach out to all our Clubs.

Our first Clubs’ Meeting via Zoom was very successful, with 16 taking part in total –  a good number for a first outing. Good too to representatives from Clubs in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England. Our newest Club, in Australia, joined us with a late night link up  – where our 1pm meeting, Londonderry time, was 10pm in Sydney.

It was hugely encouraging that whether on Zoom or WhatsApp or Facebook or just phoning around, Clubs are keeping in touch with their members. Also proud that Clubs are helping and supporting the most vulnerable in their Clubs, and in the wider community where Murray Clubs have been collaborating with other Orders and community groups to ensure essential supplies are delivered to where need is greatest. 

Looking forward, this won’t be the last time our Clubs meet in a virtual room.