The 332nd Annual Commemoration of the Relief of Derry

The 332nd Commemoration of the Relief of Derry took place on the 14th August 2021. While more than the 30 who took part in August 2020 due to Covid regulations, the Association continued to be cautious and reduced the main Parade in Londonderry to the General Committee and eight Parent Clubs. The colour and spectacle of thousands of Apprentice Boys with banners and bands on the main Parade wasn’t to be.

There is a gallery of images for the 2021 Commemoration of the Relief of Derry, from our Galleries PageUnable to host the Service of Thanksgiving for the Relief of Derry on the day of the Apprentice Boys Commemorations, a Service was held on the evening of the 12th August led by the Dean of St Columb’s Cathedral.

As is tradition the heralding the main Commemorative events, the firing of a cannon one and three times for the Brave 13, took place at midnight in the 13th August.

This was followed by members of the Murray Club symbolically touching the four gates of the City Walls, closed to the armies of King James.

The morning’s Commemorations started as they would any other year, with General Committee and the eight Parent Clubs walking the Walls.

Having held an Act of Remembrance at the Cenotaph the parade returned to the Memorial Hall, from where the main Parade undertook the traditional route of the full Association.

Returning back to the Memorial Hall later in the afternoon. The flags that had been erected earlier that morning on Walker’s Plinth were taken down, and the day ended with the close of General Committee which had been opened before the day commenced.

Meanwhile around the country, Murray Clubs participated in local parades in local towns, keeping alive the memory of the Brave 13.

Bryansford & District Murray started the day by sharing a message on social media:

In the evening Bryansford joined other Clubs of Apprentice Boys in Rathfriland:


Ballywillan Murray joined others in Coleraine for a Commemoration Parade:

In Aghadowey, the Murray Club started the day with a short Service of Remembrance at the local Cenotaph:

Aghadowey Murray then joined other Clubs from the Coleraine area, in Coleraine, for the afternoon:

In Newtownstewart the local Murray Club started the day with an Act of Remembrance at the local Memorial, followed by a Parade and then a Family Fun Day:

Joining Newtownstewart Murray were Clubs from Plumbridge, Sion Mills, Raphoe, Castlederg, Ardstraw, and Cappagh. Bands accompanying were Newtownstewart’s Red Hand Defenders, Eden Flute Band, Castlederg Young Loyalists Old boys, and Donemana Sons of William.

Finally, Upperlands Murray Club held an Act of Remembrance at the local Memorial, before parading though Upperlands and on to Maghera to join other Clubs to Commemorate the 332nd Relief of Derry:



The Murray Club has Clubs in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Canada and Australia. This website explains the importance of Col. Adam Murray and why our Club is named after this particular hero of the Siege. If you would like to know more about the Club please use our contact page.

Murray Clubs commemorated locally for the 331 Anniversary of Relief of Derry

Murray Clubs were unable to join the 331st Annual Commemorations for the Relief of Derry in 2020. General Committee maintained the traditions in the Maiden City. Branch Clubs held local Commemorations, some with short parades and others with simple Acts of Remembrance at local War Memorials.

In alphabetical order, with longer reports for Clubs in Crimson by clicking on name:

Aghadowey Murray held a short service at the local War Memorial on Saturday 8th at 2pm in a simple Act of Remembrance. President Edward Acheson laid a wreath on behalf of the Club.


Antrim Murray laid a wreath at the town’s War Memorial; President Bro. Phil Laverty assisted by Vice President Bro. William Surgenor. In keeping with the day’s Anniversary the Club made a contribution to the local Steeple Veterans Flute Band to dress as apprentice boys for its short parade.


Bootle Murray held a short Service of Remembrance at Bootle Cenotaph at 11am on Saturday 8th. A short service was led by Ian Thompson of Bootle Protestant Free Church. President Keith Taylor laid a wreath, assisted by Bro. William Lorimer.

Thirteen members of Bryansford & District Murray held short Act of Remembrance at the Newcastle War Memorial on Saturday 8th August, led by the Chaplain, Rev George Speers.  The wreath was laid by Wreath laid by Vice President, Bro Richard Foster.

Donemana Murray held a wreath laying ceremony at the local Orange Hall, and was joined by Mrs Mary Hamilton on the day who presented the Club with gifts in memory of her late husband Ernest who had been a faithful member of the Club for over 50 years.

Greenock Murray held two short services on Saturday 8th August. Wreaths were laid at the Broomhill which is on the Clubs traditional Parade route.

Also at Wellpark Cenotaph, the central one to Greenock, and close to where the Club regularly meets.


Also at Wellpark, the Greenock Murray remembered Bro. Andy Potter who died suddenly in March 2020 at a bench that (due to Covid regulations) has yet to be dedicated.


Newtownstewart Murray laid a wreath at the War Memorial at 2pm, having watched the Red Hand Defenders pass the Memorial.

Apprentice Boys of Derry, Newtownstewart Branch, Murray Club

President, Sam Allison, was joined by David Bradley, bandmaster of the Red Hand Defenders. The band, of which a number are Murray members, paraded the town.


Teemore Murray held a short Act of Remembrance on Saturday morning, laying a wreath at the Tandragee War Memorial. Present were Tres. Mark Cowan, Robert Cowan, V.P James Wallace, President Daniel Haire, Sec. Trevor Cowan, Noel Berry, David Uprichard.

Upperlands Murray started the day with a short Parade in Maghera. Returning to Upperlands, there was a short Parade before an Act of Remembrance at the recently completed Memorial Garden; President Ivan Gordon and Vice President Hugh Hunter laid a wreath on behalf of Upperlands Murray, joined by Boveegh Flute Band.

A large number of Wishaw Murray members turned out on Sunday, 9th August 2020, at the Armed Forces Memorial Garden in Belhaven Park Wishaw to commemorate the Relief of Derry. The wreath was laid by one of the youngest Members of Wishaw Murray. There was a short service, with a closing prayer and the National Anthem.


In memory of many, in honour of all.



Donemana and the 331st Relief of Derry

Donemana Branch Murray Club held a Wreath Laying ceremony at the War Memorial in the grounds of Donemana Orange Hall to mark the 331st anniversary of the Relief of Derry.

Saturday 8th August was like no other in living memory, as pandemic regulations limited celebrations for the end of the historic siege of Londonderry.  In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the local Branch club were in the same situation as others across the Province, unable to parade in the city of Londonderry.

A number of the Branch club members attended the Wreath Laying ceremony, where the Branch President, Worthy Bro Ian Gordon left a Wreath at the at the War memorial to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Members of the Donemana Branch of the Apprentice Boys of Derry, Murray Club. L-R (Front Row) Bro Billy Anderson, Bro Keith Buchanan (Secretary), Bro Joseph McDonald, W. President Bro Ian Gordon, Bro Thomas Allen, Bro George Sayers, Bro Ian Donnell (Chaplin). Middle Row: Bro Adam Buchanan (Assist Standard Bearer), Bro Lynn Buchanan, Bro Ivan Buchanan (Treasurer), Bro Barry Buchanan, Bro Craig Buchanan, Bro Colin Campbell. Back Row: Bro Ian Sayers, Bro Hall Kee, Bro Ryan Armstrong, Bro Alan Donnell, Bro Alexander Kerrigan.

Two members of Barron Accordion Band, David Buchanan and Mrs Sylvia Rankin,  played the appropriate hymn “Abide with me” prior to the Laying of the Wreath as part of a short service.  Prayers were said by the Branch Chaplin. Bro Ian Donnell and at the end of the ceremony Bro Colin Campbell ( Piper) played a “Lament”.  Bro Ivan Buchanan (Branch Treasurer) gave a short talk on the history of the famous siege and especially the vital part played by the “Gallant Thirteen” young Apprentice Boys who shut the gates of the city against the advancing Redshank Troops who were to secure the City for King James.

Bro Ian Gordon, President of Donemana Murray, about to lay the wreath at the War Memorial at Donemana Orange Hall, Sat 8th August 2020.

Prior to the start of the Wreath Laying ceremony, a special guest of the Branch club, Mrs Mary Hamilton, wife of the late Bro Ernest who had been a faithful and loyal member of the Branch club for well over 50 yrs, presented the Branch club with a number of gifts, including a Replica of one of the famous cannons used in the defence of the city during the 105 day siege, and a framed photograph of her late husband.  Mrs Hamilton spoke briefly and very emotionally about her late husbands love, dedication, loyalty and great respect he had for the Branch club and its members.  Mrs Hamiltons three daughters accompanied her on the day to give her their fullest support, namely Eleanor, Heather and Miriam.

At the end of the day, Bro Tommy Allen presented Mrs Daisy Watt with flowers on behalf of the Club in recognition of all the work she undertakes with organisations who use the Orange Hall, not least in the added role of preparing the Hall for use within Covid Regulations.

331st Relief of Derry in Wishaw

Unable to travel to Londonderry for the 331st Anniversary of the Relief of Derry on Saturday 8th August, members of the Wishaw Murray Branch Club turned out on Sunday, 9th August 2020 at the Armed Forces Memorial Garden in Belhaven Park, Wishaw, to commemorate locally.

The park was gifted to the people of Wishaw by Lord Belhaven in memory of his son Lieutenant Colonel The Hon Ralph Gerard Alexander Hamilton, Royal Field Artillery, Master of Belhaven who was killed in action during the 1914 – 1918 war. A memorial headstone in the park details an impressive military history; served with the 7th Division in Flanders in 1914.  In August 1915 he took out C Battery 108th Brigade R.F.A. in the 1st 2nd 3rd Battles of Ypres, Loos, the Somme Offensive and Messines. He was killed in action by a shell on Easter Monday, March 31st, 1918 at Castel, near Amiens whilst commanding 106th Brigade R.F.A. defending the ridge where the German advance was finally stayed. Buried in Rouvrel cemetery.

The short service began with a short prayer by acting Chaplain, Bro Murray Douglas Dunbar while President, Alan Love rendered a short history on the siege and the part played by the Ulster Scots followed by a wreath being laid by one of our youngest members Bro Kristofer Weir followed by the closing prayer and the National Anthem.

The President of Wishaw Murray thanked all who had attended and noted that it was particularly pleasing that so many of the younger members had attended this important event and freventlyhoped that next year would be in Londonderry.

The 331st Annual Commemoration of the Relief of Derry

The 331st Annual Commemoration of the Relief of Derry was held on 8 August 2020. Sadly the colour and spectacle of thousands of Apprentice Boys with banners and bands wasn’t to be. A respectful honouring of the traditions of the Associated Clubs of the Apprentice Boys of Derry, within government guidelines of thirty participants, meant a rather different occasion than to what Members of the Apprentice Boys of Derry would be familiar.

Below are a series of videos recording small parts of the 2020 Commemorative events. At the bottom of the page is a link to a Gallery of photographs for the 331st Anniversary of the Relief of Derry.

Walking the Walls, passing Walker’s Plinth:

At the end of Walking the Walls, by First Derry Presbyterian Church:

Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial, The Diamond:

Returning to the Memorial Hall at the end of the morning’s events: 

Click on this link to go to the Gallery for photographs of the 331st Annual Commemoration of the Relief of Derry, 8 August 2020.